OPTA tender mixed cheese

15.1-mezcla tierno

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Product made with pasteurized manchega cow's milk(min85%), sheep (min3%) and goat (min3%), salt, rennet, lactic ferments, calcium chloride, lysozyme (egg).

Milk Treatment:

Maturation period
- Minimum 7 days

Surface treatments
Brown paraffin.

Milk and lysozyme (derived from egg).

Texture: Pressed smooth and firm dough.
Color:  White.
Taste:  Preasantly smooth
Appearance: Presence of small eyes unequally distributed..

pH: 5,2 -5,4
Dry matter: 45% minimum
Fat: 45% minimum dry extract.

Listeria monocytogenes:
-Aus / 25g at the beginning of marketing.
- Less than 100 cfu / g at the end of its life.


Market Presentation
- 3 kg cylindrical.
- 1 kg cylindrical.

-Vacuum bag

- 2 pcs/box. Box Dimensions: 430x225x123
- 9 pcs/box.Box Dimensions: 430x225x123

10 base boxes x 7 height boxes

Keep refrigerated at temperatures at or below 8º C.

Isothermal or refrigerated vehicle.
Proper cleaning and sanitizing procedures.
Load placed properly without parasites/insects, or dust.

Indicated on the product label with the day/month/year reading (12 months from the manufacture date).
Once opened, their storage conditions are maintained and its consumption is recommended for opening by the end of useful life marked on the label.

Food ready for direct consumption, aimed at the general public except for people with food allergies to any of its ingredients: milk and lysozyme (derived from egg). It can be used in culinary preparations, both cold (salads, a variety of dishes, ..) and hot (gratins, pizzas, sandwiches, ...). Inedible crust.

1603kJ | 386kcal

Fat 31,5g.
of which saturates 20,5g.
Carbohydrates 1,9g.
of which sugars 1,9g.

Protein 24g.
Salt 1,9g.

Calcium 781 mg/ 100 grams
98% of the Reference Daily Intake.

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